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About Us

PRODAR ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION, LLC. is principally engaged in the construction of International special projects as a turnkey sub contractor all over the world. PRODAR has group of engineers who has experience on several state of art building construction projects from design concept to execution. PRODAR also has earned trust among companies as being the solution provider for solving existing issues that need upgraded or taken to a higher standard.

PRODAR has been involved in the design and construction of a significant number of International Construction projects as subcontractor on, but not limited too; Steel Structure Works, Stone Works, Aluminum Works, Composite Metal Cladding Works, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Flashing works, Stainless Steel Handrails, Irrigation Works and Roofing. PRODAR has its own manufacturing facility to produce and manufacture customer’s unique needs to reach client demands on time.

PRODAR is committed to expand its services with the innovative installation efficiency using technology and the experience devami which has enabled it to successfully attract talent. PRODAR is able, through world wide experience, to “think outside the box” and offer cost effective solutions, work under extreme conditions and deliver at an expedited pace to meet the ever challenging demands of the client.

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